2017 Math Olympics

Joshua Martin-3rd place for 4th grade computation;
James Shannon- 3rd place for 4th grade reasoning; Walker Evans- 5th place for 5th grade computation; Kimora Thompson-2nd place for 6th grade computation; and Will Wayne – 2nd place for 8th grade computation

The  ACSI Math Olympics took place on Friday, April 7th, at Evangelical Christian School in Cordova, TN. SCA had many contestants who competed and placed! Way to go students!! This is an honor and a privilege to participate in these competitions.

5th grade Computation: (5C) Clara Callahan, Walker Evans, Alexis Stuart 5th grade Reasoning: (5R) Audrey Blackwelder, Molly Pierce, Abram Wilkerson 6th grade Computation: (6C) Kaylin Godwin, Reese Harville, Kimora Thompson 6th grade Reasoning: (6R) John Oakley, Gracie Thurman, Wheeler Wilkes 8th grade Computation: (8C) Jarrett Martin, Sara Oakley, Will Wayne

3rd grade Computation: (3C)
Avery Bevis, Jaxon Burdine, Owen Franks
3rd grade Reasoning: (3R)
Eliza Brown, Cora Ellenburg, Ashlan McLean
4th grade Computation: (4C)
Kady Johnson, Joshua Martin, Sara Owens
4rd grade Reasoning: (4R)
Caleb Brown, Ryder Harville, James Shannon

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