ACSI Elementary Spelling Bee

SCA students who participated in the ACSI district spelling bee on February 13, 2019.

Bottom: Conley Greene, Charlie Ferrell, Crosbie Clapp

2nd: Disha Patel, Gavin Cromwell, Xavier Tran, Emsley Frazier

3rd: Lexie Williams, Lizzy Rasbach, Callee Hinton

4th: Shealeigh Greene, Brooklyn Griggs, Kyleigh Ferrell
1st grade winners:

4th place- Conley Greene and 3rd place- Charlie Ferrell

2nd grade winners:

1st place- Xavier Tran and 2nd place- Gavin Cromwell
3rd grade winners:

1st place- Callee Hinton and 3rd place- Lexie Williams
4th grade winners:
1st place- Brooklyn Griggs and 2nd place- Kyleigh Ferrell

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