ACSI Middle School Spelling Bee

Left to right front: Kolby McCasland, Eliza Brown, Avery Bevis, Ashlan McClean,
Kady Johnson, and Kimora Thompson
Left to right back: Walker Evans, James Shannon, Brody Johnson, Wheeler Wilkes, Owen Franks, Clara Callahan, Molly Pierce, and Audrey Blackwelder
Congratulations to SCA students Audrey Blackwelder, Eliza Brown, and Wheeler Wilkes for placing in the ACSI District Spelling Bee at Briarcrest Christian School in Memphis. Audrey Blackwelder placed third overall in the seventh grade division. Eliza Brown placed first overall in the fifth grade division. Wheeler Wilkes placed fourth overall in the eighth grade division. All three advanced to the final spell-off that is comprised of the top four spellers in each of the four middle school grade levels.
Congratulations to SCA eighth grader Wheeler Wilkes on advancing to the ACSI Regional Spelling Bee. Wilkes finished first overall in the final spell-off at ACSI’s District Spelling Bee to advance to the regional level in Atlanta that will be held later in March.

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