Tuition and Fees

2020-21 annual tuition is $4,400.00.

Prepayment Discount:
There will be a $150.00 discount available for those families who have one child if the full tuition payment is made by the first day of school. 

Sibling Discounts:
2nd child with discount of 15%: $3,740
3rd child with discount of 25%: $3,300

Payment Plan Options:
(The discounts are not reflected in these figures)

Semester plan = $2,200.00 due in August and $2,200.00 due by the first of January

10 month plan = $440.00 monthly
The first payment will be due on August 10 and the last payment will be due on the tenth of May.

Registration Fees: $75.00 per child

Building/Use Fee

The Building/Use Fee is $110 per student to help with utility costs.

Book Fees (includes $30 technology fee)

Kindergarten: $230.00

First and Second Grade: $330.00

Third and Fourth Grade: $355.00

Fifth and Sixth Grade: $365.00

Seventh and Eighth Grade: $390.00

[While the school’s book fees cover in full all consumable textbooks, they only cover the rental of hardcover textbooks. This is done so that the overall cost may be kept down by allowing a book to be reused for several years. Therefore, textbooks of this nature are not to be written in or otherwise marked up while in a student’s possession. Failure to take care of a hardcover textbook (or otherwise specified “rented’ book) will result in additional charges to the student/parent.]

During the month of April, early registration takes place. At this time, registration fees that are paid are applied toward the book fee expenses that are due in August. By taking advantage of this early sign-up, the $75.00 registration fee is not an additional expense, but becomes a down payment toward the book fee.  Book fees are due in August; if not fully paid by October 31st, an additional fee of $75.00 will be applied per child.